cutting and creasing machine

Corrugated Cardboard Products

Typically, corrugated cardboard products are stamped out using large cutting dies. And while this process is very efficient when producing large volumes of product, the cost of the cutting dies is very prohibitive when only small production runs are required.

At Assemblables we’re all about giving people choices, and we knew the typical approach of using cutting dies would limit the number of products we could offer. So, we instead decided to design and build a custom digital cutting/creasing machine that would allow us to produce corrugated cardboard products, without the need for cutting dies.

The machine building journey was both exciting and challenging. It involved sourcing cutting & creasing tool-heads from Germany, writing custom software, and donating knuckle skin to the cause. The result of our hard work and determination is a machine that completes all cutting and creasing operations on a large sheet of corrugated card, with just the press of a button.

While the new machine allows for a range of products only limited by our imagination, the time taken to produce a given product is considerably longer than if it were produced with cutting dies. We only mention this to allow an understanding of why our corrugated cardboard products may cost a little more than, for example, an equivalent product mass produced in China. As an example, our Griffon Castle takes us more than two hours to produce, but could be stamped out in few minutes using the die cutting method.